Shake This Up Graphic

Milkshake graphic
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For my diagram project, I wanted to change subjects. I have been focusing on Tom Petty but I wanted to do something little bit more fun. I just got my wisdom teeth out and have been eating milkshakes left and right so I decided to make that the focus of my last project.

I have to say, I am really proud of the finished piece. Out of all our projects in this class, this one is by far my favorite. I really enjoyed doing the entire process for this project, from researching, to using the pen tool, and creating a layout. A fun topic definitely helped.

I had a difficult time with the layout and how I wanted to visualize this. I knew I wanted to include basic steps with ingredients but also, some finished milkshake flavors. My solution was to split the page and use a divider. I think this was the best way to make it readable and understandable. I think next time I would like to play more with the treatment of the headline and copy. I think this can be done in a more creative way but I didn’t want to overpower the focus of the graphic with a busy headline.

I think this will make a great portfolio piece that I genuinely enjoyed doing.

Tom Petty Map Graphic

Tom Petty informational map
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For this project I had an easier time finding information that I could create a infographic out of. I thought it would be interesting to look at the states Tom Petty focused on or performed at more in the US. I found it to be very interesting that although Florida was high in the amount of concerts Tom Petty played at, it was not number one. My initial thought would be that because he was born and raised in Florida he would have the most concerts there, but California took the win on that.

Finding a topic to make a map out of was easy but gathering that information was so difficult and so time consuming. I had a list of all the concerts Tom Petty has ever had and I had a lot of trouble organizing that in a way to add up how much in each state was. After a lot of hours I finally figured out how to do something like that. It all then came together much easier.

Design wise I feel like my map reads well and has a cohesive style throughout. My biggest issue was time management. I struggled for so long trying to organize all the information that it gave me less time to focus on the design. I feel that if I had given myself more time, I would have mad my map inset more detailed and a better visual than what it is.

Overall, I enjoyed this project because I got more practice with the pen tool. However I would like to give myself way more time because I think this could have turned out a lot better if I would have.

Tom Petty’s music

Tom Petty Graphic
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On October 2nd, one of the most iconic rock artists, Tom Petty, passed away due to cardiac arrest. Tom Petty made music with his band, the Heartbreakers, for more than 40 years, letting their music speak for themselves. Since Tom Petty’s death was big in the news for the next couple of days, I thought using something news worthy like this would be interesting to base my charts package on.

I thought this would be a relevant topic with a lot of information out on Tom Petty that I could use towards my research and chart but I found it very difficult to find reliable sources that have statistics on Tom Petty. I think the research processes was my biggest issue in the project. I found a lot of interesting information but I couldn’t figure out how to take that information and make a chart out of it. Once I found a good deal of information, the rest started to just all come together.

For my process, I began to take the information that I found to be the most surprising and interesting as my main chart – songs sold day before vs day of his death. I knew right away I wanted this to be my main element, especially because it was including something about his death. I then set up how I wanted my package to be layed out to show hierarchy in the charts.

Picking a color scheme was pretty easy for me. I found an image of Tom Petty online that I used to get inspired by, grabbing colors from the image that I thought work well together but stood out very different from one another. I came up with using those colors sparingly throughout so that it wasn’t overloaded with them. I wanted to place the package on a very light grey background so the package felt whole and would be differentited from the page it is placed on.

Picking a typeface that I liked wasn’t too difficult for me. I have taken a typography class already and have a good idea of which type faces I really enjoy using and Raleway is definitely one them. This is such a great typeface because of its many options in weight and other variations. I thought this typeface would work very well with the charts package because it is thin and san serif, which give it a very clean feel. I wanted the overall feeling of the package to be clean, with room to breath throughout the charts and callouts.

Despite the problem of finding reliable sources with interesting information to make into a chart, I enjoyed making this project. I am happy with the overall design and look of the package. I think  my style is shown clearly throughout. One thing I would have included more within my design was more artwork of some kind, whether that be a picture or a drawing I created to give it more of a fun feeling. Next time I would give myself more time and do more research on the topic and hopefully find better sources with information.