Donut Worry!

Donut Diagram
Click on this image to see a full size version

For this final project I decided to break down the process of making a donut. It is quite a daunting process, but with the aid of visuals the steps can be broken down into sections which makes it a lot easier to digest.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project. Not just because I love donuts but because it was fun drawing all the steps. I think I may be slightly addicted to using gradient mesh, but it’s a great tool! The best part of this project was seeing how it all came together in the end just the way I imagined it. I struggled with the layout a little in the beginning as I was working with a horizontal layout instead of vertical. Once I switched to a vertical page everything game together. I really like this diagram because I think the illustrations, graphic elements and subject all show my personal style. I think it’s really cool looking at all the projects I’ve done and seeing a similar style in all of them.

Before I started drawing donuts, I thought about making a diagram of the brain that showed parts of the brain involved in triggering mental blocks. After reading dozens of articles and illustrating an entire brain, I realized that subject didn’t fit my style or interest.  I’m glad I landed on this topic but the hardest part of this project was the research and deciding what I wanted to diagram. This is much more light hearted and fun, I genuinely enjoyed it.