Sara Joyce – Blackhawks Graphic

Sara Joyce's chart graphic
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The charts project proved to be a challenging having never experimented with Illustrator’s chart tool before this class. The thought of also working with numbers made me anxious at first, but I am glad I have expanded my skills in Excel with this exercise. For this project, I decided to use the sports team, the Chicago Blackhawks. I’ve grown up watching the Hawks and already knew a little about their history so I figured I would dive deeper into the true history of the team over the year. For my first graph, I did an area graph of the wins, losses and ties from since the ’90s. This particular graph showed the progression of the team’s records through the years. Because of the high population of international players in the NHL, my second graph was a pie graph of the home countries from the players. I decided to take advantage of other design skills and put a 3D effect on the graph to make it a hockey puck. The third graph was a horizontal stacked bar chart of the number of goals and assists from the top 15 players of the 2016-2017 season. For other style choices, I decided to use the five colors from the Blackhawks logo, green, yellow, red, orange and brown. I also used my favorite san serif typeface, Avenir Next Condensed. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project and loved learning more about Adobe Illustrator and Excel along the way.