What are dumplings made out from?

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Do this project encountered many difficulties, drawing the three-dimensional of food is the hardest part.
I choose to draw dumplings because the new year is approaching, dumplings are one of the indispensable food for the year, representing the good luck and auspicious. About dumplings I tried to draw a variety of dumplings but in the picture of the plane they don’t looks like real dumplings. Finally I abandoned to copy dumplings in photo and painted it by myself. The recipe font uses Noteworthy font that looks like the handwriting, allowing the font and recipe to be unified, while also adding some fun.
About the composition, my favorite part  is to put dumplings on the steamer and hang the lid at top. 
Using AI to paint is really difficult, which needs more experience and practice, but I learned a lot in this semester. 

World Nuclear Weapon Status on 2017

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There are few design challenges more complex, interesting and creative than designing a  infographic map. Thus, when starting this map I picked the topic that I thought was best for this project: the would nuclear weapon distribution.

There are so many different angles, styles and design decisions to make so that it’s incredibly difficult to start with blank page. I want to create this map with the most comprehensive and clear information, which means I have complete creative control. However, this is where it can be challenging. When I start with a blank page, I could go in absolutely any style or direction.

After trying so many times, I finally decide a basic sketch. I chose to use the size and quantity of weapons to express and contrast the nuclear power between countries. At the same time I chose different shades of colour to help understand and contrast the world’s nuclear weapons distribution. How to layout and composition also takes a lot of time.

Since 2 maps are required, I think it’s necessary to add the nuclear exploration in Japan in the rest space. During The final stage of the world War II, the United States dropped nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. The two bombings killed at least 129,000 people and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in the history of warfare. I add the map to show the places of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and two more pictures showing the power of nuclear bomb.

Comparing the first project, I feel more comfortable when I was drawing the map. After browsing through more infographic examples in class, I have my own understanding of the data visualisation/infographic and really appreciate the interest of this class. I am proud of my hard-working in this assignment and look forward to the next project!

DACA by the Numbers: 3 Facts You Must Know about the Youth Immigration Program

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President Trump announced Sept. 9 that the government would stop accepting new applications under DACA program and end this Obama program in the next six months. Thousands of hundreds of people receive benefits from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but now these DACA young people, known as DREAMers, might lose their legal status soon. Thus, I hope this chart can help people aware the “dreamers” situation.

I choose the bar chart to show the changes of active DACA recipients by month validity expires. It’s clear that the government has less or nearly stopped processing renewal applications. The renewal will going to the end in Feb. 2018. Plenty of DACA youth recipients would lose their legal status and go back to their “home” countries where they don’t have any social protection, even don’t the languages.

Then for the top 10 states with DACA recipients, I choose the horizontal bar chat to show the comparison. California and Texas own the most “dreamers”. I try to draw a U.S map here, which is the most challenge in this project. It spent a lot of time, since I am not familiar with drawing map and connecting it with data. It might be helpful for readers to think where are these places and why it happened.

The final chart is the percentage of undocumented by age. I choose pie chart for this one, showing the percentage of different age group in the total population. From the data, most “dreamers” are 21-25 and over half of them are under 25.