Dylan Lowe's Diagram Graphic
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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease found in those who have dealt with repetitive head trauma. This includes those in the military, wrestlers, hockey, boxing, and many others. In my graphic I focused on CTE cases in football players. The only way to diagnose CTE is through an autopsy, when it’s far too late. Symptoms include problems with speech, memory and motor function, along with depression, anxiety, and impulsivity.

This is a major issue because many higher-ups in the NFL believe helmets can be made to prevent CTE, when they can’t. 27% of those diagnosed with mild CTE took their own life. Are these sports worth the debilitating conditions and death?

This graphic was a difficult one for me to start, and didn’t come out exactly as I hoped. However, I do think it is successful in getting across its point. I tried to emphasize color where the collision occurred, and used corresponding colors for the facts on the right side. I then took the viewer step by step through the anatomy of a concussion, which is the basis of how CTE starts. I went through a few iterations, but ultimately chose this option because it led the viewers eye from left to right; allowing them to read the background information, analyze the graphic, and then finish off their experience with the statistics.

Overall I’m happy with how the graphic turned out, and how it tells the story.