Walk Though the Red: Experience a traditional Chinese Wedding as a bride







I really enjoy working on the diagram project since this project indicates drawing and creativity a lot. At the beginning, I have an intention of making a graphic related to Chinese culture. I believe cultural communication is essential in the society today. cultural communication can help ppl understand each other and reduce conflict.

The main focus of this diagram is presenting the basic process of a Chinese traditional wedding ceremony. I choose to use red because it is a symbol color of Chinese culture and Chinese wedding culture. In the graphic, I also including elements of traditional style Chinese furniture to represent the atmosphere of history and tradition. I choose future because the round angle gives me feeling of delightful and also round have a metaphor meaning in China as the achievement.

I was pretty familiar with this subject since I watched lots of video and have conduct culture events for more than 3 years. When I first start, I determine what step of the marriage I want to show, which I choose an essential part. I went google image and find the related subject and draw the essential element in the photo. Later, I try to organize the drawing and think about the labeling.

The drawing part is a challenge since I only have experience once in the Design 1 class. Learning how to reduce the element in the photos but still represent the item accurately is a challenging task.

The shortcoming of this graphic is its layout. There are lots of information to share with the audience and I think the text information is necessary. Thus, the page seems a bit crowded.

The strong point of this graphic is the color using which not only united the content together while presenting the metaphor of red.

I am really existed for making more culture related graphic.